a typical day

Toddlers enter the classroom eager to explore and learn. They choose their own materials and work until all the children are present.

When all of the children have arrived, the group participates in circle where the children sing songs, many with fine and gross motor movements, as well as songs that help promote self-awareness, name recognition and turn taking.

Each week, we choose a different theme for the class which often relates to the seasons or holidays.  While the children are having group snack, the teachers will share literature that coincides with the chosen theme.  We use this literature as a springboard for our craft and art activities.

Every day, time is set aside for play outside on the playground.

sample schedule

8:45-9:10 Arrival and independent work
9:25-10:00 Independent work
10:00 Shared snack, shared thematic literature
10:20-10:50 Projects based on literature theme
Themes may be seasonal such as pumpkins, snow, apples, farms, etc.
11:00 Outside play